Shawn Maloney, co-host

Shawn Maloney was diagnosed at age 5 with retinitis pigmentosa. Twenty years later, he began his graduate studies at McGill University, working in the largest ocular pathology laboratory in North America, and completed his Masters and Ph.D. training.

During his graduate training, Shawn also had the opportunity to work in a retinal stem cell laboratory at Harvard University.

During his post-doctoral research fellowship, he published numerous research articles in ophthalmology and ocular pathology. Shawn left research to launch a small start-up company and later took over his family business.

He currently resides in Ontario, Canada, with his wife Melanie and their three children.

Bruno F. Fernandes, co-host

Dr. Bruno Fernandes is an ophthalmologist who also holds a Ph.D. in Visual Sciences. After completing a post-doctoral fellowship at McGill University, and another at the University of Toronto, he was appointed an Assistant Professor for the Department of Ophthalmology and Pathology at McGill University, where he worked from 2009-2012. Bruno published over 70 research articles during that time, co-authored eight book chapters in medical books, and delivered dozens of presentations in scientific meetings worldwide.

Since then, he left academic life to focus on his career as an entrepreneur and currently manages a network of martial arts schools in Quebec, among other ventures. Also a TEDx speaker, he has previously been invited to give presentations and share his business experience at the McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management and the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University.

Married and father of two, he lives just outside Montreal's island in a quaint suburban little town.

Christina Mastromonaco, PhD. Director of Communications

Christina is a McGill University alumna, who completed her Masters and Doctoral research in the largest ocular pathology laboratory in North America. Her main research goal was to analyze intraocular lenses, implanted during cataract surgery, and to determine their biocompatibility for selected patients.

Christina is not the typical science PhD. With her roots in the ophthalmology research field, she explored business and entrepreneurship. Mixing both of these worlds, she is driven to share her knowledge and communicate it with the people around her.

Her journey in life will continue to actively help others through listening, teaching and being involved with amazing teams of people, like at BroadEYE.

She currently lives in Montreal, and has a whole lot of world to see

aleksandra saneva

Aleksandra Saneva, Director of Operations

Aleksandra started her professional career with her studies in Psychology but, naturally curious, she has ended up having various working experiences in different sectors along the way. These have included working in a refugee camp, helping disadvantaged people reintegrate in society in Italy and being a sub editor in a press agency focused on agricultural politics.

Her talent for organization has proven useful time and time again, and in 2021 she has become part of the BroadEye podcast team. Another passion that has accompanied her for the last few years are her plants, that fill her small apartment and to which she has dedicated a YouTube channel.

She fluently speaks five languages and is now based in Paris, France, after having lived in Macedonia and Italy, and is always looking for new places to travel to.

BroadEYE Podcast

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