Improving the way we manage glaucoma patients – Ariel Cao

Improving the way we manage glaucoma patients – Ariel Cao

Ariel Cao is the president/CEO and co-founder of Injectsense. We talked about the current challenges in the management of patients with glaucoma, still one of the major causes of blindness worldwide. Cao and his team developed an implantable intraocular device that can continuously monitor intraocular pressure. By providing accurate, clinically actionable information, physicians will be able to individualize therapeutic interventions for each patient, properly assess the effectiveness of glaucoma therapy, and ultimately avoid blindness.

About the guest:

Mr. Ariel Cao is a serial entrepreneur with deep medical knowledge and an engineer with a heavy focus on medical device technology. He is CEO and co-founder of InjectSense Inc, a medical device company focused on ultra-miniature implantable medical devices. He is co-inventor of the key patents around its wireless, rechargeable and injectable sensor for the company’s IOP-Connect system. The product is a transformational platform for therapy management that provides autonomous and continuous monitoring of a patient’s IOP for decades and which immediate feedback on drug effectiveness in managing physiological pressure of a specific organ.

Cao previously founded M2C Partners In 2005, a technical consulting company to evaluate and develop medical technologies including sensors, ultra-low power ICs, and integration solutions, which earned more than $375M of business. Prior to that Cao served as an IC designer and software developer with several IC design groups including EXAR, Silicon Compilers, Sun Microsystems (UltraSparc I processor) and Mentor Graphics. In 2000, he joined MEMSCAP as Executive Vice President of Marketing and GM of US operations, and in 2001, the company successfully completed an IPO of $100M on the Euronext (Paris) market.

He holds two master’s degrees in electrical engineering, one from ESIEE in Paris, and one from Santa Clara University.

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