Stories from a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor – Rob Cramer

Stories from a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor – Rob Cramer

Rob Cramer, Guide dog mobility instructor for CNIB, discusses his lifelong dream to work with guide dogs for people with low vision. Rob’s journey began at the age of 10 when his mother, diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, received her first guide dog. His path took him to Australia and eventually back to Canada, accumulating experience and powerful stories along the way that he shares with the audience in this interview.

About the guest:

Rob Cramer is a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor with CNIB Guide Dogs.  Rob commenced his career in 2008, holding a variety of positions at organizations in Australia before returning to his native Canada to work for CNIB Guide Dogs in 2018. “

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  1. Thank you Rob for sharing. As a guide dog puppy raiser it is heartwarming to learn the process from puppy to partner. Good to hear CNIB will eventually start their own breeding program. I encounter trainers working with the puppies in Carleton Place and it is a joy to watch. Puppy Raisers are not always privy to the dogs’ progress once the pups go into formal training and onto being placed. You certainly have chosen the perfect career for paying it forward. Your passion is contagious.

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